MV embrace the mutual ethos to assist in smooth regulation changes for customers

From 21st March 2019 mortgage lenders must issue ESIS documents in place of the current KFI plus. To support the adoption of the new requirement, Mutual Vision (MV) first issued related software features back in December 2015.

The interim period has been one of continuous consultancy and further software amendments have been made in response to customer requests.

In the countdown to the deadline date, MV have once again been engaging with customers in sharing feedback, questions, and ideas, with a view to implementing a solution which is both mutually agreed and mutually beneficial.

As a final key stage, MV will be hosting an ESIS Familiarisation Day for all users of the ProVision software on Tuesday 15th January.

Event organiser Andy Charleston, Business Support Manager said: “The primary purpose of the day is Familiarisation. We want to make sure that everyone is clear on and comfortable with the ESIS functionality. In addition, we want to consult with our customers to get a clear directive on any further requirements and a clear consensus for any further changes”

The event will take the form of a 6 hour session held at an off-site venue with 17 representatives from across the MV customer base booked to attend.

The sessions will include:
• exploring and explaining the ESIS document one section at a time;
• explaining how the many ProVision rules affect the output in each case;
• illustrating different scenarios;
• addressing any questions arising.

Andy continued: “Working with our customers in this manner is really beneficial. It enables us to embrace a collaborative working methodology and our customers really do get to help shape the future of our products. It ensures we can be confident that all functionality requirements are met and utilised appropriately ahead of the deadline on 21st March.”

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